About LEDLinX

Welcome to a world where LED fixture design is returned to the hands of its rightful owners, the fixture manufacturers.

LEDLinX delivers a unique, universal LED light engine system for lighting fixture manufacturers.

The company name, LEDLinX, is reflective of our patented technology that allows geometrically-shaped LED light modules to “link” together in any combination and at any bordering-edge location. The system then allows for expanded creative opportunities for industry-leading LED fixture design today, and in the future.

The LEDLinX light engine system is comprised of a light module, power driver, connector, and optional secondary optics. Together, these components offer a turnkey solution for lighting OEMs to create, replace or retrofit quality, energy-efficient LED fixture lines for their customers.

LED Modules

The LEDLinX light engine system features different geometric module choices. These simply-shaped, industry-advanced LED modules support the design needs of new fixtures and retrofits. When aligned with the remaining light engine components, the LED modules become an intricate piece of the complete LED light engine.

The LEDLinX technology allows for a standard, but unique ability to scale, or “link”, the LED modules based on design and application need. “Linking” the modules provides increased flexibility and puts the power of fixture design back into the hands of the manufacturer.

Want to design an LED linear troffer?  The Linear modules, individually or connected, are a perfect solution to build the LED fixture you need.

Need to design a recessed can or retrofit an existing one?  The Circle module is a great choice for this type of fixture solution.

Looking for outdoor lighting?  The High Power Rectangle module can easily be integrated to build the fixture you need. Use one, or any number of modules to reach the necessary or desired lighting levels.

Need a uniquely-shaped, but flexible module solution for a custom fixture? Quickly and easily connect any combination of modules together!



LEDLinX offers a great deal of support to its lighting fixture manufacturing partners.

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