Is LEDLinX a light fixture?

No. LEDLinx is a complete LED light engine solution for lighting fixture manufacturers or lighting OEMs who design and build fixtures for commercial and industrial applications.

Where can I purchase LEDLinX products?

All LEDLinX light engine systems, LED components and LED technologies are sold directly to fixture manufacturers. Give us a call at 1-888-943-2979 or contact us directly to find a fixture manufacturer near you.

What is LEDLinX?

LEDLinX is a boundless LED light engine solution which contains all the necessary components for a complete solid-state lighting (SSL) engine system: LED module, power driver, connectors and optional secondary optics, if needed.

Created in four basic geometries, the design options provide manufacturers expanded opportunities to create energy-efficient LED fixtures.

LEDLinX is an industry-leading system for creating highly reliable, commonsense LED light fixtures for industrial and commercial applications. From as few as 4 watts to 300 watts and above, a system can be assembled to replace or retrofit virtually any light source. LEDLinX is generally not suitable to replace existing screw-in or plug-in lamps.

Can LEDLinX retrofit existing fixtures in the marketplace today?

Yes, virtually any fixture can be replaced by a new fixture using the LEDLinX system or retrofitted with LEDLinX panels for applications including:

  • Recessed, surface-mount and high wattage HID can fixtures
  • Strip lights, troffers, cove, and other linear luminaires
  • Lower mounting height floods, wall packs, parking garages and sconces
  • Architectural and ceiling mount 360° throw fixtures