LEDLinX offers a great deal of support to its lighting fixture manufacturing partners.

If you need immediate assistance, please contact a LEDLinX light engine systems expert directly at 1-888-943-2979 or fill out our online contact form.

Are you a fixture manufacturer and need additional support on integration of the LEDLinX technology into your lighting fixtures? Please submit your query to us via our contact form.

Own a light fixture utilizing the LEDLinX light engine system and need support? Please reach out to the fixture manufacturer listed on the fixture. If you are unable to obtain support from the fixture manufacturer, please use the contact form noted above and we’ll assist you in locating your manufacturer.

LEDLinX System Component Data Sheets

  • LED Modules
  • LED Power Driver
  • LED Heat Sink / Thermal Management
  • LED Connectors
  • LED Secondary Optics
  • Design Guide
  • Product Literature
  • Sell Sheets

Still have questions or need additional assistance? Contact us directly using the phone number or contact form above.